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it gives me more energy. despite budget cuts the cta is moving ahead with plans to extend the red line to the far south side of chicago. the agency is using federal money to look at plans that would extend the red line from 95th street to 130th adding four stations along the way. the cta says the extension would run mostly along the union pacific railroad right of way. construction could begin in the next five years and be done by 2016. the price tag, $1.4 billion. congress is likely the look very optimistically on this project because of the transportation needs because it serves such a low income and minority community, and it's likely that the federal government could pick up as much as 80% of the tab. >> chicago transit authority is already holding community planning meetings for the red line extension. residents have been giving plenty of input what they would like to see at the new stations. mayor daley says he
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strongly believes foreign investors are onboard to build a high speed rail line downtown chicago. the mayor's pack from an over seas trip meeting with business ladyers china's industrial revolution is happening right now something we could learn from. >> you have to have a high speed train from the international airport downtown. what that would do rebuild our commercial market and hospitality industry. in 7 minutes they could get to downtown of it's unbelievable. >> etch with plenty of people interested in designing and building the high speed line mayor daley says figuring out the financial terms and agreements will take some time. cut the state's budget deficit by selling the sell. that's a possibility according to one state lawmakers. michael bond wants lawmakers to reexamine the state's ownership state in u. s. cellular field. the lake county democrat is facing republican susie schmidt in the upcoming election. schmidt favors cutting programs
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and departments that are not required by the illinois constitution. jim ramsey, the forecast has nice fall days into this week but very, very cool nights. we're talking 30s, people.
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. back with jim ramsey and change in the weather and then sort of another change in the weather. >> this is a very exasperating period to do forecast of the chicago area. the problem here is cloud cover because we've gotten temperatures getting fairly close to normal. 65. we were 5 degrees shy of the normal high temperature for this date. we probably could have made it a little warmer but we had all the cloudiness this morning. that posed a problem for us. the clouds produced lake effect rain showers along slick's lake front not enough to be an inconvenience but a bit of an aggravation. time lapse cameras showed a lot of clouds across the area this morning. we did see some breaks in clouds particularly in some of the far west and northwestern suburbs so it wasn't a complete overcast. the clouds tended to linger through the downtown area and into some of the southern suburbs as the day wore on we began to see some of the clouds
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break over the city. maybe a similar situation tomorrow. it looks at the moment we'll see cloudiness off on on tonight and probably at least half of the day tomorrow and that again is going to take a toll on temperatures. again our high today was up to 65 degrees, but frankly all of the big temperature news was taking mace out in the western states. downtown los angeles measured 113 degrees today, the hottest temperature ever measured in downtown la. the other side of the country had its problems too, but not with temperatures. i'll show you the radar in just a moment. this is the current state of temperature affairs around the mid west or at least around the chicago area. see it's in the low 50s most locations a few spots in the 40s. we're expecting that overnight tonight we're see our temperatures dip probably to the mid 40s in most areas. this is the reason. there's plenty of moisture given the temperatures. right now dew points in the 40s. temperatures won't drop below
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the dew point. wind it's all gone. we have calm winds at most of the reporting stations across the area. just a whisper of a breeze being reported at a few locations. look at this. this is our computer forecast model showing another big chunk of arctic air sliding into the midwest and moving toward the atlantic states. that over the weekend. that means that daytime high temperatures may well be in the upper 40s to low 50s on saturday. overnight lows could drop into the mid to lower 30s. good possibility of seeing some at least patchy frost. we'll keep you updated of any changes there. a little bit of haze in the air in a few locations. these are visibilitys around the chicago area but generally visibility is not a problem. satellite pictures lookout just to our west. that's a trough producing the cloudiness. that's drifting into the area. meanwhile there is a big upper air low pressure system that's sitting over the mid atlantic, and the two systems together producing a lot of cloudiness
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for parts of the midwest this is a slow moving weather pattern. it looks like there's a very good chance we'll see more clouds than not across the area tomorrow. now i mentioned the problem on the other side of the country from california's heat wave. take a look at this. this is the mid atlantic. it's been raining here most of the weekend, and now it's raining again tonight. since last midnight, wilmington, north carolina has picked up more than 9 inches of rain. we've got some reports of as much as 10 inches of rain. there are flash floods roads closed in some areas and it continues to rain. same large upper air low pressure system. rain and thunderstorms also for parts of the northeastern states. this have been 33 severe weather reports including one tornado touchdown. that taking place in extreme eastern virginia. apparently damage was relatively minor according to late reports. this is our computer model for the chicago area in the midwest. notice the cloudiness. this model is flirting with
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periods of clear sky. we're not confident we're going to see an overcast tomorrow or the next day, but it looks like from time to time we will be seeing periods of cloud cover, but probably no rain. it still looks like it's going to be a dry period for the next couple of three days. and probably for the next 7 days. the hot air out west buckling the jet stream out of western canada. that's supplying that cool flow of air and that's a pattern we're not expected to see change appreciably until about wednesday. then we'll be back in the cold again. let's check our forecast. first of all for tonight skies, clouds early, well, mostly cloudy let's say thereafter. calm winds. cool temperatures by the morning hours. low temperature 43 to 49 degrees. then for tuesday mostly cloudy with an isolated shower possible. high temperature between about 60 and 65. northwest winds expected. tomorrow night partly cloudy and cool by sunrise.
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44 to 49-degree low temperatures. not too bad just yet and wednesday should be the warmest day of the week. fairly comfortable temperatures ranging between about 70 and 75. as winds turn southwesterly from 5 to 15 miles per hour. 7-day forecast promises that cold outbreak by the weekend. friday, saturday and probably sunday will have daytime highs mostly in the 50s. probably as you see there lower 50s for a day or two. but the bigger story may be what happens during the overnight hours with temperatures dropping into the 30s and again frost, we'll see. but we're getting close. sure looks like it's going to be cold nonetheless. >> 30s. >> absolutely. >> thank you jim. >> you're welcome. >> coming back with how twitter is changing politics. first the illinois lottery numbers.
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. here's a question why spend money on expensive political advertising when you can simply slam your opponent for almost nothing on twitter. turns out candidates are doing just that. making their point 140 characters at a time. cnn jim acosta explains. reporter: it was another viral moment. harry reid scuffling with republican rival sharon angle. the fight was far from over. it had moved to twitter where one of angle's campaign managers posted this video. the clip shows reed supporters shouting at angle using less than 140 characters that angle staffer tweeted check out. >> now you don't even need a complete sentence to change a
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campaign. >> less than 140 characters. >> you can tweet a phrase and it can change a campaign. reporter: first harry reid votes to give special tax breaks. reporter: these days a attack tweets are almost as common as attack ads. sharon angle mock health coverage. >> everything they want to throw at us now is covered under autism so that's a mandate that you have to pay for. reporter: or this angle tweet here harry reid's plan to save the nevada stimulus money being used for testing drugs on primates. this from a angle staffer gets personal referring to reed's campaign managers as 13-year- old girls. angle caught in mullet lies. >> we're at the beginning of a newer a. reporter: michael leahy pie neared a if you use
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for twitter. the hash tack pound sign put in front of phrases and acronyms. he topped conservatives on twitter has become a haven for tea partyers. >> if you go to search twitter. you put in point ttot. about ten tweets every minute now is the pace at which there are tweets. ment shows there is a vibrant online conservative community. reporter: leahy ranks newt gingrich glenn beck sara palin the top three conservatives on twitter paved on number of followers. with palin more than a quarter million followers tweets she makes news. >> she can put out a tweet and generate headlines in the traditional media why would you go to the extra trouble. >> she'll have all these reporters retweeting what she tweeted a few minutes ago. >> and writing a story about it. the retweeting is how it gets out there. >> one of slick's very own wgn
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legend broadcasting pioneer has passed away. ward equal qualls created a dynasty. hehe brought in radio icon rally phillips laurie leonard and samuel son. a classy innovator from 1956 to 1975. he was 91 years old. wgn radio samuel son a nile stone 50 anniversary. governor pat quinn one of or beyond's many fans he dropped by the raid why studios this morning to join in the celebration. >> the first 50 years are the toughest. and he has shown that he has a
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goden voice and a servant's heart. >> i've been a fan of his for 50 years and 50 more. >> at least 50 more. >> nice of the governor to pop by. governor quinn proclaiming today or beyond samuel son day throughout the state of illinois. coming up what may be the longest softball game ever.
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. we love our 16-inch softball in chicago, but 120 hours worth? that's what a group of canadian players are doing set a guinness world record the long effort softball game ever. they started their game friday night they will finish it wednesday only 20 players are
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allowed on each team. as you can imagine substitutions could become an issue here. if you're keeping score at home and why wouldn't you, the old record is 115 hours. good luck to them. it is all about monday night football. take a look at the bears packers rivalry from every angle in tonight's photos of the day.
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. nice. good outcome too. more photos from shing tribune photographers on our web site, coming up more from defer inhester and the chicago bears turning back the clock to 2006 as the bears and packers go down to the wire and ozzy guillen clarifying his future with the white sox. dan reason next in sports.
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this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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. only one could remain undefeated at soldier field. as we take a live look at it tonight. dan roan is here. you know, they tested us a little bit. more than a little bit. >> . >> way more than a little bit. a lot of people are saying already the packers beat themselves tonight which in a way is true but in a couple of weeks nobody is going to remember the penalties or that late game fumble on green bay's side her going to remember the final score. the pairs 20, the packers 17. this is a bottom line business and it was tough on bears quarterback jay cutler he was pounded tonight, but this is a play that turned the game around. 4th quarter devin hester who hadn't run one back in two seasons got to the outside right, hurdleed the punter at the goal line and took it 62 yards to put the bears in front for the first time.
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then in a tie game late in the fourth aaron rogers hit james jones. brian urlacher stripped him and tim jennings recovers for the bears. 2:18 to play but they were in trouble. it was second and 21. cutler throws off his back foot into traffic and greg olson up to make the play, a big first down for the bears. they burn the clock to the final seconds robbie gold chip shot wins it for the bears 20- 17. a great victory and great to have devin hester back on the scoreboard. >> it was a return that was called we ran the return you know. and i was pressing on it to make sure i hit it hard this tame and don't second guess myself that's what i did. >> huge huge. if we can get him going again it's been a little bit since devin has really been electric back there. to get him doing again like that get him feeling it energized he brings a whole new dimension to a game. >> everything came into play.
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special teams, you know, big plays critical situations, even penalties, you know, on critical drives, everything came into play. >> we're in the division where we wanted to be. big win for us they are a good football team no doubt about that. we were supposed to win at home we did. it wasn't pretty but i like ugly wins instead of ugly losses we'll take it. >> they sure will. the white sox wasted no time claire firing's he guillens status. he's coming back you can probably expect him back for 2012. no contract extensions but all it took was a short conversation to get him all back on the same page. >> i asked him directly, did he want to be here. did he want to be the manager of the chicago white sox he said absolutely that's all i've ever wanted. >> he wanted to know my feelings my feeling was everything's cool. i expect to be here like i say in the past never deny having one more year contract and want to be here for the future and
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everything is great. >> on the field mark burly looking for his 13th win against the red sox. he would not get it. he was in trouble early. big papi got it. a double by the big guy down the right field line first inning as burly gives up 4 runs, 11 hits. red sox win by final score of 6- 1. in san diego the padres fans have something to jump about they are trying to move into a share of first place against the cubs by they can't dot. blake dewit in the 7th up the middle it goes alfonso soriano in ahead of the throw. the only run of the night. the cubs win 1-0, the victory to carlos zambrano his 7th straight decision. one of the nfl's all time greats hall of famer george blanda has died. he spent ten years with the bears but made list real mark with the raiders. he played until he was 49 years old and the blackhawks got cristobal's salary off the books sending him to a swiss league team.
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the bulls spent the more than reintroducing themselves to one another training camp officially opens tomorrow. both held their media activities on monday. kurt thomas one of the newcomers that might be about it. car medical 0 carmanthony not in the bulls plans at this moment. >> if we think we can improve our team we'll pull the trigger whatever the trade would be, but you know at this point we're planning on the team we have going into the season and are excited to go into the season with the team that we've got. >> they are going to have to get the horns removed. >> we're going to have to work on that camera angle. >> thanks dan. >> you got it. >> alls well that ends well with bears and cubs fans. pretty good scare at both of them. >> they did you're right. >> that's the news for monday night. i'm tom negovan

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